Re-Energize Your Workplace - Start 2022 with meaningful conversations

Wilma Rendon | 7 Feb 2022

At JDJ Architects, we are working with our small and medium-sized clients to reimagine their work spaces. Over the past two years we know our workforce has evolved, redefining routines and reevaluating priorities. Wellness in the workplace is no longer a trend; it’s a primary focus. So to move forward, we recommend that you dust off your existing programs and dive deeper, using this three-step process.

1. Ask. . .Listen. . .Analyze

Begin with a series of conversations with your team members. We expect this to surface a variety of points of view. Some are eager to return to spaces that enable them to focus better. Others miss the collaboration and socialization that spark their creativity. Others are grateful for remote working and the freedom it gives them to determine when and where to do their work. These listening sessions serve as a prelude to the question: What is the desired work space design for your team?

2. Consider Valuable Research

We suggest you enhance your discussions by looking at current research in the field. Recognized commercial real estate firms, Cushman & Wakefield, JLL and CBRE, and leading furniture manufacturers such as Allsteel and Steelcase have shared insightful white papers, blogs and webinars on workplace development. They analyze the evolution of the workplace and forecast future trends for consideration. Also, the healthy building movement has developed health-safety metrics to assist in returning to offices. Overall, the research shows that no one solution fits all. However, there’s general agreement that a people first approach is vital.

3. Develop a People Centered Architectural Program

As we work with our clients, we find that the discussions and outside research help us to reimagine existing spaces in new ways. We consider all workspaces (private, dual, group and social) and define and describe the requirements for each space. We encourage clients to think expansively. For example, if a company’s footprint is small and their access to amenities is limited, perhaps the HR team can incorporate neighborhood and community resources to help meet needs. Our goal throughout the process remains the development of vibrant, empowering workplaces that reflect the company’s purpose and engage team members in the process.

Feeling Grateful

JDJ Architects has further developed its healthcare division. We continue to be aware of those who have worked harder than ever during the pandemic and have not had the option to work remotely. To all front-line workers, thank you!

Wilma Rendon

Wilma Rendon

Wilma Rendon, Business Development

Wilma Rendon’s career in architecture spans eighteen years. It began in Quito, Ecuador where she worked as an associate designer for DIPLAN, a prominent architecture firm in Ecuador. Ms. Rendon taught at two major Ecuadorian universities.