CANstruction 2018

Jim Jordan | 2 Oct 2018

CANstruction 2018 for the benefit of the Greater Chicago Food Depository is now a wonderful memory for The Salt of the Earth team. But no event of this magnitude takes place without the contributions of many and we’d like to pause and give thanks.

We extend our gratitude to our sponsors who made our participation in this event possible. Through your generous contributions, we were able to donate 6,259 cans of food to the Greater Chicago Food Depository. Special appreciation to Ken Gassman of KENT Consulting Engineers for accepting our invitation to be part of our 2018 CANstruction team and for incorporating DSI Construction into the team. It was a pleasure to work with this team of talented, committed professionals who made this a fun, fulfilling experience.

Our team members: the employees of KENT Consulting Engineers, DSI Construction and JDJ Architects, enlivened the Morton Salt Girl. Our project description best defines our team’s contribution.

Basic. Fundamental. Goodness

Utilized as one of the oldest methods of food preservation, Salt is also an essential nutrient needed by the body in small amounts. It is here at CANstruction that we as reliable, caring, and generous individuals can come together, much like the grains of salt, to support and sustain a need integral to everyone, The Salt of the Earth.

Our project has been deconstructed but it remains a great memory for The Salt of the Earth team and its sponsors.

Thank you to all!


Jim Jordan

Jim Jordan

Jim Jordan is the principal for JDJ, a member of the AIA and ALA, a LEED-accredited professional, a registered energy professional in the City of Chicago, and is a Chicago self-certified architect. You can find Jim on LinkedIn.

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