A light-filled, modern clinic in Chicago’s trendy Lincoln Park neighborhood enhances the patient experience

Manish Shah | 14 Mar 2022

A new Weil Foot & Ankle Institute clinic in Chicago’s trendy Lincoln Park neighborhood welcomes patients to a spa-like space that takes full advantage of city views and natural light.

The 2,800 square foot space is one of 22 Chicago area locations for the highly-successful podiatric practice and the fourth to be designed for Weil Foot & Ankle by JDJ Architects. The compact clinic maximizes space efficiency and features a reception area, five exam rooms, physical therapy space, breakroom, nurse’s station and an MRI/X-ray room.

The vision, says Manish Shah, JDJ Architects Director of Architecture, was to provide a soothing patient experience.

“Weil Foot & Ankle wanted to maintain the continuity and brand identity of the modern look and nature-oriented neutral palette chosen for the other Chicago-area locations,” said Shah. “For this new space, we designed a hospitality-inspired environment that’s open, light-filled and efficient.”

A trellis-like arch cleverly introduces the clinic entrance on the sixth floor, with Weil Foot & Ankle graphics and a vision statement prominently displayed. The open ceiling in the reception area enhances the urban vibe, with a large window highlighting the dramatic city view. Additional reception area amenities include a coffee bar and sleek product display.

The floor plan was designed to accommodate both patient and staff needs. Natural light again takes center stage with large windows in the exam rooms, while nurse’s stations are carefully positioned to keep patients in view. Luxury vinyl plank flooring in the reception and public areas eases maintenance, while carpeting in the corridors and exam rooms provides sound absorption for comfort and privacy.

Manish Shah

Manish Shah

Manish Shah, Director of Architecture

Manish is a design focused, forward thinking architect with 20 years of experience that spans working with prominent clients and award winning projects throughout the Chicago area. He appreciates sustainable, modern design solutions, but admires the discipline of classical architecture.